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Level 6 - Directing

There are lots of classes about how to be a better improviser. How to play slow, connect, learn the game, improvised singing, etc. This workshop is designed for those looking to spread the joy of improv and take the next step in their understanding of the art of improvisation. You do not have to be a great improviser to be a great coach; you just need a passion for improvisation and some basic improv directing skills.

There is just as much joy in creating a fun, connected ensemble as there is in being on stage. Helping people discover the moment and connect on stage is its own reward.

In this 4 week course we will cover the following:

The basic work of the director; casting, side coaching, collaborating, connecting, and achieving a shared vision. We will go on to discuss how to give notes, structure rehearsals, work toward group mind and how to deal with issues inside the group. Ultimately, we will try to get you to find your authentic leadership style in order to build a cohesive group.

This class is geared for those who have not directed improv before; however, even experienced directors might get something out of this class. People who want to help others find the joy of improv or just want to give back to the art form should take this course.

Improv is a group activity, but many groups without leaders fail to move forward, fall victim to infighting, or find that the lack of coordination creates erosion. Improv teams need an outside eye to let them know what the audience sees. Take this class and help others to discover the joy of group mind.

Level 6 - Directing

Stay Tuned for dates and times when this Level 6 will be offered again.

Prerequisite: Bovine School of Improv Graduate (or equivalent) or instructor approval
Class Minimum: 4 Students | Class Maximum: 10 Students


Eric Farone has been directing improv for over 20 years. He has directed hundreds of improvisers and coached over 100 improv shows. He is the Artistic Director of the Bovine Metropolis Theater and has coached The SansScript Players, Dungeon Cave, MooCrew, and Bruce Lee to just name a few.