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We Validate! - $3 Downtown Denver Parking at 16th Street Center (16th and Champa)

The Bovine validates parking in Downtown Denver!

Get $3 night and weekend parking at the 16th Street Center parking garage when you come to the Bovine! The 16th Street Center parking garage is an above ground parking structure on Champa between 17th St and the 16th Street Mall which is only half a block away from the Bovine! As you are going down Champa, the entrance is on the right just before you get to the 16th Street Mall.  

Here is how it works:

1) Park at the 16th Street Center parking garage and get a white parking ticket from the machines as you enter.
2) Come to the Bovine for a show!
3) When you get your ticket at the Box Office, ask the Box Office Host for a Validation Coupon.
4) When you are at the machines leaving the 16th Street Center parking garage, insert your original white parking ticket that you got when you entered the garage followed by your Validation Coupon from the Bovine.
5) Enjoy some $3 parking on nights and weekends in Downtown Denver!

Please feel free to call the Bovine at 303-758-4722 if you have any questions!


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    1527 Champa Street Denver, Colorado 80202 | 303-758-4722

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