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Improv Your Business with an Improv Workshop

Take your business to the next level with an innovative improv workshop with the Bovine Metropolis Theater. Instead of being shown a powerpoint which your team first must understand, then must buy into, then embody, we just cut to the chase.  We have them play games which trigger the embodied behaviors that you desire as an outcome. This way they discover it for themselves and therefore own it. Plus, it's fun!
 Our Workshops, In General
All of our workshops have a general flow to them:
  • The improv game/exercise is taught to the group at large.
  • Everyone plays the improv game/exercise.
  • Then we debrief (you get to choose how much and how deep of a debrief).
  • Repeat.

We're big on the mind-body connection and believe in order to truly learn something, you must experience it in your body first. This approach of experiencing the exercise first, then realizing what we did by chatting after is how we think people learn best. We are experts in improv and teaching improvisational behaviors to people, groups and companies.


Our Workshops, Specifically

We have 15 different pre-designed workshops for you to choose from and mix-and-match (i.e. Team Building and Creativity), or we can create a specific workshop for your business! Click the links below to learn more about each individual workshop!

** = some of our most popular!

 Our Pricing

Our pricing depends on how many participants will be at the workshop, how long the workshop will be, where the workshop will take place (we can come to you or you can come to us) and if your business is a for profit or a non profit.


Up to 18 participants per instructor

  • Half Day Workshop (up to 3 hours) - $2000 for the first instructor, $500 for each additional instructor
  • Full Day Workshop (3 - 6 hours) - $3500 for the first instructor, $750 for each additional instructor

Non Profit Pricing:

Up to 18 Participants per instructor

  • Half Day Workshop (up to 3 hours) - $1750 for the first instructor, $500 for each additional instructor
  • Full Day Workshop (3 - 6 hours) - $2750 for the first instructor, $750 for earch additional instructor

The above prices are good for workshops within the Denver Metro Area including having the workshop at the Bovine Metropolis Theater (the Bovine can accommodate a workshop of up to 36 participants). Travel, per diem and accommodation costs (if necessary) will be added to the prices above for workshops outside of the Denver Metro Area.

Pricing for an Out Of The Box workshop will depend on your goals for your workshop.

 Ready To Improv Your Business?


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Booking An Improv Workshop For Your Business With The Bovine
We're putting all our cards on the table.  Here is what it looks like to book an improv workshop for your business with the Bovine Metropolis Theater:
  1. Fill out the above form for a formal proposal and quote.
  2. We'll email you a formal proposal and quote and answer any questions you may have.
  3. When you are ready to book an improv workshop with us, we'll send you an Agreement to sign and an Invoice. We ask for a down payment of 50% of the total price of the workshop upon reciept of the Agreement with the remaining 50% to be paid on the date of the workshop.
  4. A couple of weeks before your workshop, we will set up a phone meeting with Artistic Director, Co-Owner and creator of our workshop curriculums, Eric Farone, so that he can tweak your workshop to fit your business. Think of it as a tailor hemming your pants for the perfect fit.
  5. We'll have a great improv workshop that will produce lasting change for your business all while having fun!

You can always call the theater at 303-758-4722 or email Kent at with any questions as well!

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