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The Silence of the Bovine

You’ll laugh so hard it’s scary, you’ll scare so hard you’ll laugh


There's nothing to fear, but fear itself, until the fear has landed itself on your funny bone and you're laughing TO YOUR DEATH.


This October, the Bovine will be creating a new horror every Friday and Saturday night with The Silence of the Bovine an improvised horror comedy. It will make you laugh and scream, and the team behind the terror is very serious about the funny and the scary.


Taking into account the science of emotion, The Silence of the Bovine will have some tricks ready to treat the audience to a scary night. The creative team at Bovine Metropolis Theater is busy brewing up a concoction of terrifying hilarity that will surprise all in attendance.


“It incorporates the archetypes and formulas of horror films with the unknown quality of an improvised scene to create an original, interactive, and spooky night for the audience,” says cast member Michelle Marlowe. Marlowe admits that she is too afraid to watch scary movies, and says, “I will probably truly feel scared on stage.”


Being afraid and laughing out loud have much in common, and Bovine Metropolis Theater is digging in deep to the physiological source of fear and funny.


“We've noticed how there's a similarity with the build-up and then release of something funny and something scary,” cast member Kent Welborn says. “When something is funny, you laugh; when something is scary, you scream. This show is trying to find both those moments.”  “It will be a thrilling, dark leap into the unknown.” says cast member Carl Anderson.


MC and cast member Megan Miles improvised a rhyme in honor of the show intended to strike fear and laughter into the hearts of the audience.


It's the Silence of the Bovine.

Not Silence of the Lambs.

Screamin' and improv will be our best jams.

Who's the first to die, why are we all in the dark?

Put your car in the Chili's lot, $3 to park!


She then let the mic drop into a bottomless pit full of the deepest fears of humanity.


Watch as those fears are realized on stage during The Silence of the Bovine, playing Fridays and Saturday at 8 p.m. from October 3 to November 1 (no shows October 24th and 25th) 2014. Tickets are $16 at the door and $14 in advance.


Tickets: $14 (pre-paid) or $16 (door)
Ages: All Ages

  • Friday, October 31st
    at 8:00 PM
  • Saturday, November 1st
    at 8:00 PM

Poster: Silence of the Bovine

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