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On The Spot

Improv Your Weekend!

Now in its 12th year, the fastest and funniest hour on earth! You will laugh so hard that time and space bend!

In the style of "Whose Line Is It Anyway," four actors and a moderator use audience suggestions to make for an action-packed night of craziness.

"On The Spot" remains a local favorite, using the audience's unique suggestions to improvise scenes, games, and songs to make newcomers or regulars laugh themselves silly! See as many as 25 games performed in one show.

Bovine Metropolis Theater is located at 1527 Champa Street in the heart of the Denver Theatre District. Celebrating its 10 year anniversary, the Bovine is an improv organization that teaches and performs theatrical improvisation which is the art of accepting the unknown gracefully.

"On The Spot" is perfect for company parties, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and any event where people want to laugh.

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Who's Playing

Tickets: $14 (in advance at 8pm) & $8 (in advance at 10:15)
Ages: All Ages
Location: Denver   map

  • Friday, April 25th
    at 10:15 PM
  • Saturday, April 26th
    at 10:15 PM
  • Friday, May 2nd
    at 10:15 PM
  • Saturday, May 3rd
    at 10:15 PM
  • Friday, May 9th
    at 10:15 PM
  • Saturday, May 10th
    at 10:15 PM

Poster: On The Spot 2013

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