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Ladies & Gentlemen, the show is about to begin. Please TURN ON your cell phones

This unexpected call to action will be how the new weekend show at Bovine Metropolis Theater will begin. This new social media & improv hybrid production combines the instant funniness of improv with the collaborative power of social media.

Usually with theater, the audience is asked to turn off their cell phones and not be active participants in the show. This show will ask people to tweet, and text, and update and become active participants in the show.

“Like This Show” combines so many elements of what theater can be, it blends concept art, the well-made play, audience participation, and creates something that hasn’t been seen before, and will no doubt be hilarious.

When asked about the limits of improvisation that are being pushed with this show, Artistic Director, Eric Farone, paused reflectively. “I think it’s improv with an extensive social media influence,” he said. “It might have the potential to become an entirely new form of improvisation.”

Tickets: $10 (FREE for Bovine Students)
Ages: All Ages
Location: Denver   map


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