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Why go blue when you can go true? That’s the aim of Bovine Metropolis Theater’s new stand up show “Stand-Up and Deliver”. All of the comedians in this show have taken on the task of being as funny as humanly possible, without dropping a crude comment or errant curse word.

These comedians will be bring the laughter and the honest expression of the human condition to the Bovine stage. Aside from wanting shows to be accessible to all ages, Will Nuessle, one of the comedians, gives a great reason for not going blue, “It's not just the stand-up, it's clean stand-up. Anybody can tell a dirty joke, but to be both clean and funny takes a lot more work. And when someone can really pull it off, everybody wins!”

Bovine Metropolis Theater is an improvisational comedy theater and school, and this show proves that stand-up, like all performance, can benefit from improv in many ways. “I have discovered improv skills to be essential to stand-up--it was only after cutting my teeth on the Bovine stage that I gained the courage to even give stand-up a try,” said Nuessle.

For a good clean time, that’s true to the heart and soul of comedy and improvisation, come on down to the Bovine Metropolis Theater. And if you want to try your hand at clean comedy come talk to the players in the show, any comedian is welcome to submit material as long it’s clean and fun.

“Stand-Up and Deliver” has an open ended run at Bovine Metropolis Theater located at 1527 Champa Street in the heart of the Denver Theatre District. Tickets are only $8 online or over the phone and $10 at the door. Please check the calendar for the next show!

Tickets: $8 (pre-paid) & $10 (door)
Ages: All Ages


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