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The Bovine Comedy Showcase

It's The Perfect Time for PrimeTime


The suits and ties are pressed, Thursday night’s best outfit is coming off the rack, and the slickest improvisational theater and sketch comedy is ready at Bovine Metropolis Theater. This show has all the class of your favorite talk show and all the laughs of your most beloved comic moments. This is improvised theater and comedy at its height, this is PrimeTime.

PrimeTime will feature three acts of improvisation and original sketches written by a team of comedy artists. The Bovine Sketch Team has developed a whole, brand-new repertoire of original sketches, polished and ready for the show.

Born from the one of a kind Bovine House Team system, these top level house teams will be creating entirely new material in the moment, and the sketch team will be creating new material every week. This is certainly an impressive feat for theatre, but its a level of creativity that Bovine House Teams are known to meet and exceed. Teams that the community agrees deserve a spot in the PrimeTime move from Improv Hootenanny to the higher profile Thursday night.


Much like the breakneck pace of quality sketches that one sees on Saturday Night Live, The Bovine Sketch Team will be developing new sketches every week. That’s brand new material for every show, every time.


As of February 2014, all Bovine students plus a guest, all Bovine grads plus a guest and all current cast members plus a guest will get in the show for FREE. There will also be surprise socials that happen after PrimeTime where there will be improv jams and you will get to hang out and play with some of the performers from that night. So if you are Bovinian, come enjoy THE night for Bovinians to hang out and play!

We Validate! - $3 Downtown Denver parking for Nights and Weekends at the 16th Street Center parking garage on the corner of 16th and Champa! Half a block from the Bovine! CLICK HERE for more details!
Tickets: $8 pre-paid & 10 at door (FREE for Bovine Students)
Ages: All Ages

  • Thursday, October 30th
    at 7:30 PM
  • Thursday, November 6th
    at 7:30 PM
  • Thursday, November 13th
    at 7:30 PM
  • Thursday, November 20th
    at 7:30 PM
  • Wednesday, December 3rd
    at 7:30 PM
  • Wednesday, December 10th
    at 7:30 PM

Poster: PrimeTime v1

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