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Out on the Fringe, Anything can happen


Beyond the limits of your imagination is the Fringe. Nothing can prepare you or the performers for what will happen, a totally new show every night, a totally unexpected type of theater, a completely unbeatable way to spend a night. Thursdays at the Bovine Metropolis Theater go beyond the unknown into the Fringe.
An adventure into creation, art, fun and improvisation in its most daring form. Playing out on the Fringe is an intense and deeply communal experience of joy. Improvisation can break down the barriers between audience and performers creating a unique group experience every night.
Describing this show, we compare it to skydiving, “The falling from the sky, the thrill of plummeting toward earth with the surety that it will be amazing and end with a laugh.  The idea that all of us can be together, in the same moment, with none of us knowing how it will come out, creates shared experiences.” 
Born from the one of a kind Bovine House Team system, these fresh and eager house teams will be creating entirely new material in the moment. This is certainly an impressive feat for theatre, but its a level of creativity that Bovine House Teams are known to meet and exceed. The Bovine House Team system encourages all members of the Bovine Metropolis Theater community to take an active role in deciding the success and creation of teams, ensuring top quality performances in every show.
Tickets: $8
Ages: All Ages


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