Jan. 25th HOOT

I’d like to thank all the groups this past Monday for a great job in front of a huge crowd!  Also, thanks Jerry for trying out one of our new ideas and being a bigger part of the Hoot.  On to the recap!

Mixed Nuts was in full force this Monday (I think there were 9 of them there).  My favorite scene involved a restaurant where a customer had brought his T-rex, much to the irritation of the staff of the restaurant and his friend.

The Fillers were in top form as well (great to get to see you as a part of them Jason!).  In particular I loved the scenes involving the teacher Ms. Applebottom and her students (who were horrified at not having the more attractive Ms. Smith teaching them 5th grade this year).

Awesome to see Hot Mess again after their grad show in the fall.  Favorite line of the night from them, “I didn’t know bicycle taxis had pimps.”

See you all next Monday!


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