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I am an improviser!

I am an improviser.

I Serve:  I serve the scene, my fellow players and improv.  I serve the purpose that I have in the scene.  I serve my fellow players in that I support whatever they are bringing to the scene.  My fellow players are the most important thing in the scene and I will treat them that way. I serve improvisation, in that I want to go toward the unknown and not stay in what I have already figured out.

I Add:  I must bring something as a gift to the scene, the other players and myself.  I add by bringing something extra.  I must not only accept what has happened in the scene, I must contribute and build.  I add by accepting and accentuating what you have brought to the scene.

I Will Bring Myself: I will fully commit to each scene, each character and each moment.  I will never be myself on stage, but always bring myself to the character.  Playing with all of my knowledge, beliefs and fears.  I will play characters who are real to me, so that they can seem real to the audience. If my strong suit is adding color I will add color. If my strong suit is to add energy, I will add energy.  I will play to my strengths to add to and serve the group.

Group Mind: I will serve group mind.  I will bring myself, add and adapt to the group.  If the group is going somewhere I am not comfortable with, I will speak up, because I am part of the group.  If the groups direction and my own are different, I will add, adapt, change or find a new group.  When teaching a class I will serve group mind by making sure that everyone is welcome and accepted.  When directing a group I will serve group mind by making sure that all people are heard, that all are valued and that everyone has the same mind-set and goal, which the group has determined by virtue it’s make-up.

I will be truthful: I realize that realism and comedy come from being truthful on stage.  I will be truthful in accepting my choices and declarations on stage as being true.  I will be truthful in accepting your choices as true (even if I have no idea how it fits). I will be as honest as I can be in our interactions.

I will have fun!  This art is all about fun.  Our fun, the audience’s fun, the evening’s fun.  I will have fun.  I will never get angry about a choice that someone has made.  It is only improv, if you can’t laugh at it, it’s not fun.

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