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Things to do in Chicago when your unemployed.

I loved my time in Chicago.  When you are unemployed there are still a ton of things you can do to have fun and keep positive.  Unemployment itself sucks.  But combine it with the mid-west winter and no sunshine for 4 months and it really sucks.  Many years ago I was broke and unemployed in Chicago and still kept it positive.  Here are some tips from me to my friends who are moving or have moved who are looking for work or just trying to save money or just trying to keep positive.

First, join a gym or a yoga class or an aerobics class or a TM group find a church group that meets everyday.  Do something you love.  Something that is good for you mentally and physically.  If you can, make it happen first thing in the morning so you have to set your alarm, you have to get out of the house and you start each day off with something positive.  You may have to pay for this, but if you find a gym or classes that have a monthly charge and you are going everyday, you are getting your monies worth.

Free Stuff.

There are free improv sets at The Second City on main stage after each performance of the main stage show.  This means going down to The Second City on a Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday night at 10 p.m. to watch a half hour or 45 minutes of free improv, but what else have you got to do?  Plus, this is a great place to meet people with jobs who might know who is hiring.

The Art Institute is free to Illinois residents on the first and second Wednesdays of every month.  GO!  It is the most amazing way to spend 3 hours and not spend a dime and you will never tire of visiting it.

The Library.  The library has DVD’s, CD’s and books.  If you are going to spend time in a cozy coffee shop you will need something to read while your electronic device is charging.

Downtown Bars on Fridays.  Downtown bars usually have free happy hours as a way to bring in the working people of downtown Chicago.  Some suck and are just chips and salsa and some are amazing! Get dressed up in you business attire and go down to a bar keep looking for the good ones and eat for free.  Get a water and tip the server.  Also bring a copy of your resume with you, because you already look like your working and you never know.

Get the Chicago Reader.  It is a free paper and is a must read every week.

Go see live music.  Yes you will have to spend money, but going to a bar that hold 300 people to see a band like “The Killers” live working on new material is oh so worth it.

Go to the grocery store on the weekends.  A) So you can cook meals at home and save money and have home cooked food in your tummy.  B) They have free samples around noon on Saturdays, so it acts as a meal replacement. C) You can create some childhood favorites.

Stock up on your favorite warm drink.  Nothing is better on a freezing cold day blizzardy day when everyone else has to go to work than to cuddle up with your favorite hot beverage and read a book and watch the people outside your front door fighting the wind and blowing snow while you are cozy and warm.

When the Cubs start playing again, go down to Wrigley 30 minutes after the game has started.  Scalpers are still out there and you can usually get tickets for $5 or less.  Also, go to some of the bars around Wrigley, there are always people going to the game that have an extra ticket that they might hand you as they are walking out the door and into the game.  It is not unusual for the bartenders to have extra tickets or know who does.  And if the creepy guy gives you a ticket, you don’t have to sit in his section!

Unemployment is what this moment has for you.  Enjoy it.  You will be working again soon and for the rest of your life, so relax, keep positive, get out and do stuff and enjoy Chicago!

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