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About Us!

We are all about Improv and You!

Improv Your Night!
Laugh! See the funniest shows on stage in Denver.  Laugh until your face hurts with different shows happening 5-6 nights a week. You’ll leave with a smile that lasts ’til next time. Moo.

Improv Your Business!
Our improv training sessions are fun, effective, results driven, and proven.  Go with professional trainers who do improv for a living.  Part of our passion is training corporations in the skills that improv can impart.

Improvise Your Life!
Play! Our classes are life-changing and life-affirming.  Have some FUN--you deserve it!  And, you could be the next funniest thing on the Bovine stage!  Meet life with hilarity.  Accept the unknown gracefully.  Call us at 303-758-4722, and we'll get you improvising--today!

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