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Do It Now, Do It Too, Do It Again - Classic Bovine Blog

Do It Now, Do It Too, Do It Again - Classic Bovine Blog

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  • Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This blog is part of a series of "Classic Bovine Blogs." These are blog posts that we managed to recover from our old website that crashed in 2014. This blog was written by Eric Farone and originally posted on May 9th, 2008. 

"Do it now, Do it too, Do it again" 

A friend of mine in Chicago, Martin DeMaat, gave me this advice about improv: "Do it Now, Do it too, Do it again." He told me what it meant to him. 20 years later I think I get it. I still tell my students and so I might as well explain it here.

Do It Now.

There is an old adage in Improv, if someone says "Don't press the red button", you must press the red button. The thing about it is, whatever is gifted (said, done or implied) on stage must get jumped on. But, not only do you need to press it, you must do it now. Press that red button is the way to "yes and". It moves us forward past the argument and the known into the unknown. Plus, you've got 3-5 minutes, and that is if you're playing slow. Do it now so we can get to the good stuff. Do It Now!

Do it Too.

My friend told me that if someone does something on stage you should do it too. This is so clear to me. I must connect and be with the person on stage. Yes, I always bring something first, but the rest is connecting. Existing in the same space, doing it too, helps us connect. Not doing something complimentary or in the same where creates separation. Spolin called it the mirroring, I call it cool.

Do it again.

I was told that this was in reference to the "Rule of 3". If something is done once and then twice, it must be done a third time. I am not a big "Rules of Comedy" type guy. I don't think hard "K's" are funnier than any other letter, or that Yiddish makes things funny. However, the "Rule of 3" is true. School House Rock taught me that 3 is a magic number, yes it is.

So there it is. “Do it Now, Do it Too, Do it Again"