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Peril on the Prairie

Ever a'wondered what the world of high-falutin' 1800's would be like, IMPROVISED? Peril on the Prairie: an Improvised Melodrama answers this very query, transporting the day-to-day struggles of common persons like you and me into the old timey world of prairieland, Colorado. A melodrama is a sensational and overly dramatic play with exaggerated characters taking place in old west locations like the town saloon, the abandoned gold mine or the forgotten ghost town.

"Jumpin' Jehosaphats, get a wiggle on and have some rip-roaring giggles"
~ Barkeep Ezekiel 'whiplash' McBean

You'll find heroines, villains, sing-alongs, fancy piano playing, improvised singing and some frilly gigs! The audience will be encouraged to BOO and HISS a the villain, CHEER and CLAP for the heroes and sing-along for a hog-killin' time.

It sure is a tootin' two act melodrama where the audience picks who is the hero, the villain and the person in peril. The villain is sure as shootin' up to no good. The hero needs to save the day and the person in peril to boot. We have town folk who are kindly, if not a little simple, but for the most part they mean well. We watch as the whole town takes sides and creates a crazy tale of adventure, woe and turmoil.                                             

Plays Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. Opens March 7th and plays through April 11th

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Tickets: $12* online, $14 door. We offer $5 ticket pricing on the day of the performance and at the box office 30 minutes before showtime for College Students (only) with a valid College ID. It is offered on a a space available basis and college students are seated last. Click HERE for frequently asked questions.

*There are no additional fees. Online tickets (and associated discount) close at 6:30 p.m. the day of the show. All ticket sales are final. We are unable to offer refunds on show tickets. 


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Thursday, March 21, 2019 - 7:30pm