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Permission Granted!

Permission Granted!

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  • Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I hereby grant you permission to do whatever you feel would serve the greater good. I trust you. You should listen to that voice inside telling you to Go! 


Too often I see improvisers who hesitate because they don't feel like they have permission, or it will break the game or the form. I trust your gut more than I trust a form or a game. If your motivations are to serve the scene or the players or the story, then Jump!

Even if you think your move might destroy everything, Do It! I give you permission. Who am I to give you permission? Nobody, but feel free to blame me. If someone asks you "Who said you could do a monologue?" Please respond "Eric Farone said I could." And when they ask "Who the hell is that?" Respond with "The guy who said I could do this." Throw me under the bus.

Make bold choices based on your gut! Say 'Yes, &' to yourself! Sure, you are going to make some choices that nobody gets, this will help you figure out where your creativity intersects with normal people’s sensibilities. That is a big deal.

P.S. I give you permission to do anything you want to do, not just on the stage. Get married or divorced. Come out of the closet. Start teaching improv or join a marching band. Do whatever makes you feel more authentic and more you (as long as it is about you being authentic and doesn't act with regard to anyone else).

Who am I to give you permission to make any move you want to with your life? Again, I'm your scapegoat. I am the guy you can throw under the bus.

Years ago we had an invisible dog named Bob at the manor where I worked. Bob was a good dog. He would sleep on the scalding hot dishwasher. He once got stuck in the walk-in freezer for 3 days and never even whined once. One day, my friend Tom dropped 30 some odd monkey dishes. The supervisor immediately LOST it and started screaming at Tom and me "Who broke all these monkey dishes!?" Tom was freaked out about our bosses over the top anger. Tom stammered and finally told the supervisor that Bob broke all the dishes and I backed up his story. He said "Who is Bob?" and we then got into some circular logic about Bob (never mentioning that he was a dog...and invisible). Bob took the hit. He told us to make sure that Bob never came into the kitchen again. We agreed.

Let me be your 'Bob'. Take bold actions based on your gut and if it goes awry, blame me. You have my permission.