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Setting the Scene with Frankie Millington

Setting the Scene with Frankie Millington

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  • Thursday, September 27, 2018
Setting the Scene - Bovine Student Blog

Starting in September 2018 our Student Blog will highlight various Bovinians!  Featuring current students, former students, teachers, etc., all sharing their stories and perspective on what the Bovine and their improv experience means to them.

Interview with Frankie Millington, 2018

Frankie Millington, 21, has lived in Denver for 10 years. He works at the Denver Center for Performing Arts and the Denver’s Next Improv Star Alumni is currently on “The Book Club”, a Bovine house team.

BB: What was your introduction to improv and the Bovine?

Frankie: I haven't taken classes at the Bovine before. I've always wanted to but time and money have gotten in the way of accomplishing that. I've had a couple of instructors who trained at Bovine. My first official instructor in long form was Sage Nunez who trained for years at Bovine Metropolis. I loved how forward she was about her training. She was kind and blunt at the same time which always challenged me to work harder on my craft. She definitely laid the foundation for me to start building my skills. My first time doing long form improv was in the "Utter Space" in Bovine. I was insanely nervous about it. I had only done game-based short form up to that point. Having to adjust to new techniques within a longer span of time was incredibly intimidating. However, it challenged me to think less and just go with the flow.

BB: What was auditioning for an improv show like?

Frankie: Auditioning at the Bovine was kind of scary my first time. I had never been a part of an improv audition. I had no idea what to expect but I went in and gave it my all anyways! I ultimately didn't get in but I took what I learned and applied it to my next Bovine audition. That audition landed me in the cast of Denver's Next Improv Star: Season 9 which was an incredible experience of growth for me.

BB: What's being on an improv house team like?

Frankie: Being on a team is super gratifying. I've always compared improv teams to being the sports teams of the theatre world. You select a certain amount of players who all have different skills that build off of one another. Having an incredible dynamic is key. Casting a bunch of people who all have the exact same play style is like putting 14 quarterbacks on a team together. Eventually NFL fans are going to get tired of watching balls fly down a field to no avail. So... being on an improv team helps teach camaraderie amongst players of various talents. We're all there to bring out the best in each other and to show off one another's talents.

BB: Has your experience changed/challenged/affected you outside of the Bovine?

Frankie: Having done most of my training outside of the Bovine, my challenge came when I was cast on a team with mostly Bovine trained players. Not in a bad way, just different. Bovine's high energy and large team setup was a very new experience for me in the world of long form. I wasn't accustomed to sharing the stage with 15 other improvisers. It was nuts! At the end of the day though, I made some great friendships, learned a lot about my improv style, and found a new home at the Bovine.


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