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Setting the Scene with Sara Brunnschweiler

Setting the Scene with Sara Brunnschweiler

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  • Thursday, September 6, 2018
Setting the Scene - Bovine Student Blog

Starting in September 2018 our Student Blog will highlight various Bovinians!  Featuring current students, former students, teachers, etc., all sharing their stories and perspective on what the Bovine and their improv experience means to them.


Interview with Sara Brunnschweiler

Sara Brunnschweiler, 41, teaches music to elementary school aged kids in Denver Public Schools. (Bless her heart-anyone remember recorders?!) She and her hubby have four furbabies and have been in Denver for five years.

BB (Bovine Blog): Why did you sign up for classes?

Sara: I am a very creative person and needed a creative/performing outlet that was not music. I love music, I am a musician and it is my joy and my soul. However, after teaching 5-11 year olds students all day, I really need an outlet that is not music!

BB: Who was your level teacher? Were you nervous about anything the first day of class?

Sara: Lucky Johnston. He’s got a great sense of humor and ability to keep it real. The first day of class, I was unsure of what to expect. I'm a performer and being in front of people does not make me nervous. With that having been said, all of my performing experiences are typically planned out - teaching classes, playing in orchestras, performing recitals, - and does not usually include improvisation.

BB: What has the experience been like as classes have gone on?

Sara: Each class has a focus for the session. For example, learning to give and take in a scene, object work, jibberish, all of which end up being useful when you get into more advanced concepts. Level 1 seemed like very broad overview and I'm excited to get deeper into the work. The last class was really fun and a little bittersweet. It felt like a journey that the people in my class had taken together. Fortunately many of them are continuing to level 2!

BB: Has class had any impact for you outside of the two hours we play during the week?

Sara: I have grown SO MUCH from learning improv!!!!! It has been so good for me to learn how to get out of my head and be in the moment. As a teacher, I'm always planning ahead and thinking of the next step. This is something that bleeds into my life and often manifests itself in the form of anxiety. Improv has helped me to develop the skills to be in the moment and has turned out to be a very mindful activity for me. It's something I'm still working on, but I really feel that I'm moving forward as a person. I love it!

In fact, I've already started level 2 I really enjoy the people in my class and many of us moved on to the next class. Also, the benefits of this experience for me personally have been very helpful. Finally, it's FUN!


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